Follow your dream!
She entered the Academy of Tourism, aims to work in a travel agency and travel a lot. Let's wish her a fruitful study this fall and help her achieve her goal!
Collected: 0 KGS
Required amount: 26 950 KGS
Deadline: 31 December 2021 г.
Payment by Visa / MasterCard
The minimum donation amount is 500 som
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You can also meet with us to discuss support issues in another form, for example, if you want to donate funds for education or training materials / tools in our office at Bishkek, Mira Avenue, 93

Today we want to introduce you to Yana!

She is a graduate of the Voenno-Antonov orphanage 2021 year. Recently she enrolled college at the Academy of Tourism and became a participant of the BilimBelek program.

According to Yana, she loves nature, communication with people and making new acquaintances. Yana has well-developed communication skills, she actively participated in all school activities and finished 9 classes with excellent grades!

Yana aims to work in a travel agency and travel a lot in the future. Let's wish her a fruitful study this fall semester and help her reach her goal! The amount of her contract is 24,500 soms.

From the beginning of 2020, 10% of the amount has been added to each contract, which includes 3% - banking services and 7% - site support (payment for hosting, etc.), thus the amount of the fee is 26 950 soms.