Askar is an active and determined person! 

Askar is a 2013 graduate of the Chui boarding school. Unfortunately, with incomplete secondary education, he could not enter university, which made it more difficult to fulfill his dream – enrollment and succeeding as a programmer. 

He did not give up and first studied at №10 professional lyceum as a cook, and then went to finish his studies at night school. With the help of “OASIS” foundation and volunteers, he began to prepare for the final nationwide testing. Based on the results of the testing, Askar entered KNU.

It is to be noted that he entered the fee-based education program, 3,500 kgs per year. The program collected 17,000 kgs, but in the second semester he was given a 100% discount for 1 academic year.

Since we have other participants in this program, we want to redirect money to them.