Samira needs English to realize her dream
Samira is a victim of rape by an adult male. During the rehabilitation, the girl realized that she needed to learn English in order to fulfill her dream of a successful future. The cost of courses for 4 months of Samira will be 9800 KGS OR 112 USD.
Collected: 9 790 KGS
Required amount: 9 800 KGS
Deadline: 31 December 2023 г.
Payment by Visa / MasterCard
The minimum donation amount is 500 som
Transfer personally

You can also meet with us to discuss support issues in another form, for example, if you want to donate funds for education or training materials / tools in our office at Bishkek, Mira Avenue, 93

Samira is a 14-year-old schoolgirl who had to deal with violence at an early age - the girl was raped by an adult man, a close friend of their family. This event left a trauma on Samira's psyche.

In the course of rehabilitation and re-socialization, the Oasis Foundation provided humanitarian assistance to Samira, and now we have opened a fundraiser for the girl's English language courses. She herself says that only with knowledge of the English language will she be able to realize herself in the future, work in a highly paid and worthy position.

The cost of English courses for Samira for four months will be 9800 KGS or 112 USD.

Update: good news! The amount necessary to pay for Samira's education was collected by employees of NUR Telecom in Kyrgyzstan!