Elina dreams of learning English language
Elina is a victim of sexual exploitation and neglect by her parents. In addition to delivering humanitarian and legal assistance to Elina, the fund also begins raising funds for English language courses for the girl - their cost is 5300 soms or 60 US dollars.
Collected: 5 290 KGS
Required amount: 5 300 KGS
Deadline: 31 December 2023 г.
Payment by Visa / MasterCard
The minimum donation amount is 500 som
Transfer personally

You can also meet with us to discuss support issues in another form, for example, if you want to donate funds for education or training materials / tools in our office at Bishkek, Mira Avenue, 93

Elina is 15 years old, she lives without parents in the care of her grandmother. Several younger brothers and sisters live with them in the same house. By itself, the fact of life without birth parents affects the girl - she feels lonely and defenseless, especially against the background of her peers who live in abundance and in complete families.

Elina's family does not have enough money for many things: heating, school books, travel, sometimes even food. Elina herself does not have the opportunity to receive a decent education, without which she is very vulnerable.

Unfortunately, in 2022 Elina was identified by the Oasis Foundation as a victim of human trafficking who suffered from sexual exploitation. Since then, the foundation has been providing humanitarian and legal support to the girl.

Elina is a very smart girl who easily masters new topics and learns quickly. We help her financially and with food so that she can go to school. Now we have started raising funds for Elina's English courses so that she has more opportunities to implement in the future. The cost of the courses is 5300 KGS or 60 USD.

Update: good news! The amount necessary to pay for Elina's education was collected by employees of NUR Telecom in Kyrgyzstan!