Takhmina dreams of learning to write, read, study science and finish school on an equal basis with other peers
Tahmina is a victim of sexual exploitation by her stepfather and neglect by her family. She never went to school, and at age 13, entering straight into the 4th grade, she fell far behind the program. The Oasis Foundation is raising funds for Tahmina's school preparation course, which will cost 5180 KGS or 59 USD per month of classes.
Collected: 5 170 KGS
Required amount: 5 180 KGS
Deadline: 31 December 2023 г.
Payment by Visa / MasterCard
The minimum donation amount is 500 som
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You can also meet with us to discuss support issues in another form, for example, if you want to donate funds for education or training materials / tools in our office at Bishkek, Mira Avenue, 93

Takhmina never attended school, so by the age of 13, the girl can only speak and read/write some Kyrgyz. It is difficult for her to keep up with her peers and the school curriculum, which made Takhmina no longer want to go to school - they either laugh at her there or demand too much.

Tahmina is one of the most vulnerable groups of children, because without a basic education she is at high risk of becoming a victim of violence or fraud. Unfortunately, in 2022, the Oeisis Foundation identified Tahmina as a victim of human trafficking, namely sexual exploitation by her stepfather.

She has already received first aid, but for complete rehabilitation and socialization in society, she needs to get an education, be able to write, read, and speak fluently. To do this, we started raising funds for Tahmina's school preparation courses, the cost of which will be 5180 KGS or 59 USD per month of classes.

Update: good news! The amount needed to pay for Tahmina's education was collected by employees of NUR Telecom in Kyrgyzstan!