Ruhshana dreams of becoming a businessman
Making a child's dream come true is easy

BilimBilek - a crowdfunding project to raise funds for the development and education of care leavers in Kyrgyzstan

They dream of becoming ...
I want to a professional IT specialist!
Required amount: 6 600
Erzhan aims to become a professional IT specialist and visit South Korea! In order to improve his English skills, he is currently taking language courses through the BilimBelek program and showing excellent results.
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Damir dreams to become graphic designer!
Required amount: 31 900
Entered college at Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture and wants to become a graphic designer.
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Nastya future guide!
Required amount: 26 950
Nastya entered college at the Academy of Tourism! According to Nastya, the direction she has chosen will provide her with the opportunity to travel and make new acquaintances. She has a dream to buy a car with her own earned money!
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Ira aims to become a primary school teacher!
Required amount: 13 750
This summer Ira entered the Musical teacher training college, where she was given a 50% scholarship. Ira loves children very much and easily finds a common language with them, this motivated her to enter teacher training college. She aims to become a primary school teacher.
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Follow your dream!
Required amount: 26 950
She entered the Academy of Tourism, aims to work in a travel agency and travel a lot. Let's wish her a fruitful study this fall and help her achieve her goal!
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New participant of the program!
Required amount: 6 000
The ranks of the BilimBelek program participants are growing. We are glad to introduce you to our new participant, Naizabek. From this month he will study English through the BilimBelek program. Let's help Naizabek learn English!
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