Ruhshana dreams of becoming a businessman
Making a child's dream come true is easy

BilimBilek - a crowdfunding project to raise funds for the development and education of graduates of orphanages in Kyrgyzstan

They dream of becoming ...
Let's make Sasha's old dream of becoming a hairdresser come true!
Required amount: 25 000
Meet this new participant of our program, Sasha! Last year, at the age of 16, she graduated from the Military Antonov orphanage. At the moment she is studying at professional lyceum # 18 as a seamstress. She has an old dream, which she is very fired up and this is to unlearn a hairdresser! Since childhood, Sasha loves to braid her hair and make various hairstyles. She sets a goal to open her own beauty salon in the future.
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Fundraising for the Youth Center
Required amount: 100 000
In order to support orphanage graduates, "Oasis" NGO initiates a collection of donations for the Youth Center.
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Adelya dreams of opening her own atelier
Required amount: 28 000
She got enrolled into the college under the Kyrgyz National University majoring in "Management".
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Required amount: 13 750
Tahmina is a very athletic and purposeful girl who wants to travel around different cities and countries, learn languages and insight into cultures. In July 2019 she entered the college at the Academy of tourism and wants to explore all the new and beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan.
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