Results of your help

Camilla started studying psychology at the university
Camilla successfully passed the ORT this year and entered the university to study psychology.
Cholpon has moved and successfully works in Turkey!
Cholpon, who graduated from the Academy of Tourism within the framework of the Bilim Belek program, has been living and working successfully in Turkey for two years now!
Sasha will soon get a driver's license!
Sasha is taking driving courses! At the end of the course, he will go to take the state exam! We wish him good luck and look forward to good news!
Aichurok graduated from nail service courses!
Aichurok has successfully completed courses in nail service and has already started working! We are very proud of her success and wish her the very best!
Kanykei became a barista!
We have great news! The ward of our foundation took barista courses and received a letter of recommendation from "The Association of Barista in Bishkek".