They dream of becoming ...
Nastya is a future tour guide!
Required amount: 13 475 KGS
Nastya entered college at the Academy of Tourism! According to Nastya, the direction she has chosen will provide her with the opportunity to travel and make new acquaintances. She has a dream to buy a car with her own earned money!
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Damir dreams to become graphic designer!
Required amount: 31 900
Entered college at Kyrgyz State University of Construction, Transport and Architecture and wants to become a graphic designer.
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Erkinay dreams of becoming a flight attendant
Required amount: 16 000
Erkinay is a second year college student at the Bishkek Humanitarian University in the direction of "Linguistics". We are announcing a fundraiser to pay for the final college course!
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Required amount: 28 600
Tahmina is a very athletic and purposeful girl who wants to travel around different cities and countries, learn languages and insight into cultures. In July 2019 she entered the college at the Academy of tourism and wants to explore all the new and beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan. We are starting funding for the 3rd year of study!
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Esenbolot wants to learn English language!
Required amount: 5 280
Esenbolot is a 2020 graduate of the Panfilov boarding school for orphans and children left without parental care named after K. Tilebaliev. He recently became a member of the Bilim-Belek program and has a great desire to learn English.
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Follow your dream!
Required amount: 26 950
She entered the Academy of Tourism, aims to work in a travel agency and travel a lot. Let's wish her a fruitful study this fall and help her achieve her goal!
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Arthur wants to defend the rights of vulnerable youth!
Required amount: 53 900
Arthur is currently a 2nd year student at the College of the International University of Central Asia (IUCA) in the field of jurisprudence and shows excellent results.
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Bahtiyar dreams of becoming an architect!
Required amount: 26 800
Bahtiyar is a graduate of the Krasnorechensk special general education boarding school. He is 20 years old. Student of the 1st year of the Asian Innovation College in the direction of "Design of the Architectural Environment.
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Fundraising for the Youth Center
Required amount: 200 000
In order to support orphanage graduates, "Oasis" NGO initiates a collection of donations for the Youth Center.
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Daniel dreams of becoming a musician!
Required amount: 9 900
From an early age he loves to sing and wants to become a musician, moreover, he composes his own songs. He wants to develop in this direction and needs professional training. Daniel wants to take professional vocal courses.
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