Rakhatai is a very active girl, she always follows her goals and does not know the word "impossible". She is a 2015 graduate of the Military-Antonovsky orphanage with an incomplete secondary education (9 grades).

In 2016 she entered the Agricultural University majoring in “Finance and credit”. Her contract is worth 30,000 kgs. Rakhatai is a very good student, in her report for the 4th semester there are only 4 and 5.

Last year the girl had a dream - to learn German and to go to Germany. After completing the University program, she went to Germany for an internship during the summer holidays, and also visited neighboring countries! Here is such a clever girl.

For the 2017-2018 academic year on the Bilim Belek platform, we collected 30,000 kgs for her contract, but since the collection went until July, and the payment was due until March, we managed to pay only 18,000 kgs (receipts attached), and the remaining 12,000 kgs Rakhatai paid herself.

The remaining 12,000 kgs collected on the platform the “OASIS” foundation will pay for the education the next year.