The public charity foundation “Oasis” was registered in Kyrgyzstan in 2008.

We work with socially vulnerable young people, care leavers. The main areas of work are individual support-mentoring by social workers of the foundation for care leavers: orientation around the city, assistance in entering educational institutions, assistance with finding housing and work, providing basic household items, providing legal advice and assistance in obtaining documents. Every year there are 60-70 care leavers (mainly 5 orphanages in the Chui region).

We also conduct various training sessions, as well as sports events for children.

In 2015 as part of the program "Jasa.kg" of the International youth foundation, with financial support from USAID, in partnership with the public foundation “Our voice”, we conducted the first study in Kyrgyzstan on the situation of care leavers. The purpose of the study was to conduct a social and legal assessment of the situation of graduates of residential institutions and their potential for adaptation and integration into society. We interviewed 350 graduates of institutions that have graduated over the past 5 years and presented the opinions of more than 40 experts from government agencies, non-governmental organizations and orphanages. Such a study was conducted in Kyrgyzstan for the first time.

In January 2016 with the financial support of USAID, the advocacy project "Protection of the rights and interests of graduates of residential institutions" was launched, within the framework of which two analyses were conducted: "Legal status of graduates of children's social institutions" and "The analysis of benefits and costs of improving state support for care leavers in Kyrgyzstan". The results of the analyses with recommendations were presented to the deputies of the Parliament and the Government at a round table, as well as during separate meetings. The goal of the project is to improve the situation of graduates of residential institutions in the Kyrgyz Republic by preparing and developing procedures and agreements for the implementation of legislation during 2017. This includes: identifying the agency responsible for integrating care leavers into society, as well as improving the interaction of government organizations, Scientific and Production Association and the media to raise awareness of the problems and stigmas faced by graduates.

In August 2016 we have launched a charity project to collect non-perishable FoodBank products to support care leavers in critical situations. We collect and provide food packages to those in need, identify and support families in crisis in the new building of Kalys-Ordo.

In may 2016 we participated in the media and social innovation Laboratory organized by Internews and won a grant for the implementation of the “Bilimbelek” project ("Knowledge as a gift"). This is a crowdfunding project to collect voluntary donations for the development and education of care leavers in Kyrgyzstan. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for education of talented children who were left without care and support from relatives or parents, so that as many care leavers as possible could get an education, profession, and the ability to develop their talents.

How we are working

Our ten years of experience in support of care leavers have shown that we vitally need systemic changes. Therefore, in January 2016, together with "Our voice" and with the financial support of USAID, we initiated the advocacy project "Protection of the rights and interests of graduates of residential institutions". We hope that this work will help to make changes to the legislation and our children will receive real support from the state.

According to UNICEF, the lack of education makes it difficult for these children to adapt and integrate into society after leaving boarding schools. Being in a difficult life situation, they are more likely to commit crimes, remain homeless, and become victims of the slave trade than children who grew up in a family.

But these changes take time. Today, how can we help those children who are in urgent need of support from society? According to UNICEF statistics, only 1% of children in residential institutions in our country enter higher education institutions. In Kyrgyzstan, 17,000 children live in residential institutions. 450-500 children aged 15-17 graduate annually. Most children in orphanages do not complete their secondary education or are unable to continue their education at a college or university.

Of course, we understand that higher education is not a guarantee of success and getting a job. However, today not all the children we work with are ready to enter an educational institution, and we want to support really forward-looking and hard-working children who are determined to master the profession and continue to improve. 

Graduates of residential institutions need to take care of their food and housing themselves. Our care leavers with a 9-grade education, which often does not mean that they have really mastered this program. They have to survive. But this does not mean that they do not have a dream to succeed – to get a profession and a job.

Therefore, we have decided to create a crowdfunding online platform "Bilimbelek" to collect voluntary donations for the development and education of graduates of residential institutions in Kyrgyzstan. Our goal is to provide equal opportunities for the education of ambitious children who are left without care and support from relatives or parents, so that as many as possible care leavers can get an education, profession, and improve their talents.

This project won first place at the media and social innovation laboratory 2016 in Kazakhstan, organized by Internews, where the idea was supported by regional experts in the area of new technologies and promotion.

The project is ambitious, we are sure that it will become a successful social initiative and talented care leavers will be able to realize their dream of getting an education and a job. Therefore, we will be happy if you support the project with any amount or help us distribute this information.

If you decide to help us, you can go to the children's profiles, where you can find complete information with videos and photos about our wards and their plans for education. For your convenience, we have placed a payment system on the website - transfer from a Visa/Master Card Bank account. You can also meet us in our office at Abdrahmanov 204 street, Bishkek to discuss issues of support in another form, for example, if you want to transfer funds for education or training materials/tools.

When transferring funds, the Bank will charge 3% for its services.

In turn, we undertake to transfer funds not directly to the account of children, but to the account of a teenager in an educational institution for semesters, and we will also publish financial and program reports on the progress of children on the website, so that you can be sure of the transparency of our actions and responsibility for children assigned to "Oasis" foundation.

In addition, we are ready to show our financial documents in our office at Abdrahmanov 204 str., Bishkek, and arrange a meeting with the children you decide to support.

Fund staff
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PR Manager
Director of the foundation
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