The project "Sport for life", implemented by the Public Charitable Foundation "Oasis" with the financial support of the UN office on drugs and crime involves a series of training and sporting activities aimed at instilling love for a healthy lifestyle and life skills the students and graduates of orphanages in the Chui region with the help of sports in order to prevent crime, violence and drug use.   The project will be implemented as part of the "Join life" program. "Join life" is a sports-oriented training program for the development of life skills of young people aged 13-18. The "Join life" program strengthens young people's resistance to crime, violence and drug use by developing their personal and social skills, as well as improving their knowledge of the risks associated with these phenomena.   Every week sports classes will be held in 3-4 types of sports, such as football, frisbee, floorball, etc.   During the project, 3 sports events will be held for children and graduates of orphanages in the Chui region:  •     Sports town-September,  •      Football tournament-October,  •      Frisbee tournament-November.   Also, graduates of orphanages will undergo a number of training on the prevention of bad habits, alcoholism and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

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